Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Podcast Update

Although I no longer have the long commute I used to have to take my wife to work, I continue to listen to podcasts on a regular basis, mostly while working on miniatures. World's End Radio has now become my favorite podcast, moving ahead of the Order 66 largely because I'm more actively interested in the games covered by World's End than I am in the Star Wars Saga Edition RPG covered by Order 66. In fact, I'm way behind on Order 66, because of that.

My second favorite is now the d6 Generation. It's a good general gaming podcast. Also on my regular listening list is 40K Radio, which has recently undergone a bit of a shakeup in its cast which I think is turning out to be an improvement, and This Week In Wargaming. TWiW is the most expensive podcast I listen to. Its weekly coverage of new products being released in miniatures gaming, largely from the smaller publishers, has already caused me to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars I wouldn't have otherwise spent.

Sadly, Podhammer is not on my list anymore. It would be, but for undisclosed personal reasons Jeff Carroll, the host, has had to put it on indefinite hiatus. I hope he's able to bring it back eventually. About the same time Podhammer went on hiatus, 40K Warcasting returned. This is a good supplemental podcast if you don't already get your fill of 40K coverage from 40K Radio, or a replacement if you prefer a more laid back style to the sometimes "flamboyant" approach of the guys at 40K Radio. I like both, especially since they both do codex overviews, and it's just that many more opinions from guys who regularly play the game. I've found that the consensus opinion often varies dramatically between gaming groups, so it's good to compare and contrast.

I've been dablling with some other podcasts as well, but don't want to discuss them until I've had a chance to listen to more than an episode or two.

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