Friday, April 03, 2009

Lord of the Rings Project: Day Nineteen

After my post last night I ended up working a bit more and got the Minas Tirith banner bearer finished except for the wash. I didn't want to use black for the banner, but the gray I've been using for the clothes seemed a bit too light, so I tried Model Color 995 German Grey, and I think it works pretty good. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow.

I got the captain and banner bearer washed today. I also started working on the rest of the Uruk Hai, starting with the flesh. I'm doing these a bit differently than I did the Warriors of Minas Tirith. Rather than the extreme production line method of just doing one small area on each miniature in turn, I'm doing all the flesh on one model before moving on to the next.

A couple reasons for this. The first is that I simply like to change things up. I've found that while some speed painting methods are better than others for me, none of them work for extended periods. I simply get bored with them, so I need to change things up a bit. The second is that the paint I'm using for the flesh takes two or three coats to get decent coverage. When I'm working on one miniatures I can just keep going over it until it's done, moving from one part to another on the same model. With the extreme assembly line method I have to go through the whole assembly line process two or three times just to do one part, and that would drive me crazy.

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