Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gamus Interruptus

We were supposed to have our first LotR game tonight, but I got there just in time for my opponent to pass me on the way out saying he had a family emergency. These things happen, and it's no fault of his, but it still sucks. I could have still gotten into the D&D game, but all my D&D stuff was at home, and I wasn't really in the right mindset for roleplaying, so I decided to earn some brownie points with the wife by heading home early instead.

As for my painting, I got the Knights of Minas Tirith done a few days ago and have been working slowly on my Warg Riders. As I predicted, ceasing the daily updates has made it a lot easier for me to slack off on getting things painted, so I'll probably return to that eventually. Probably after I do the Warg Riders. I should be getting some character models pretty soon, and those should make a nice break from the rank and file. After they're done, I'll probably take a break from LotR for a while, unless we're actually playing regularly at that point.

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featurecreep said...

Knights of Minas Tirith ... shouldn't they be off somewhere being needlessly angsty and setting themselves on fire?

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