Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Game Collection Part Two

Browsing through BGG today I noticed an interesting coincidence: Hannibal is both 18 on the "User Rank" (which I was comparing my collection to in the last post), and the "Wargame Rank." Now, my boardgaming started in wargaming (not counting childhood forays into monopoly and other such family and children games), so I was interested in how my wargames collection stands up to the BGG top 500 list. While there is some overlap between the games that appear on both lists, there isn't as much as I expected, at most 10% appear on both.

Top 10: I own 3 of 10
Top 20: I own 6 of 20
Top 30: I own 11 of 30
Top 40: I own 13 of 40
Top 50: I own 17 of 50

So, I own almost as many of the top 50 wargames as I do of the top 50 boardgames. There are also a similar number on my wish list that I don't yet have (currently four).

Top 60: I own 19 of 60
Top 70: I own 22 of 70
Top 80: I own 26 of 80
Top 90: I own 28 of 90
Top 100: I own 29 of 100

Again, there's four on the list that are on my wish list, as well as another couple I have listed as "thinking about it."

Top 150: I own 38 of 150
Top 200: I own 45 of 200
Top 250: I own 53 of 250
Top 300: I own 60 of 300
Top 350: I own 62 of 350
Top 400: I own 69 of 400
Top 450: I own 75 of 450
Top 500: I own 83 of 500

The numbers aren't that different overall, although I end up owning more of the top 500 wargames than the top 500 boardgames, despite owning fewer of the top 100 wargames.

There are some significant differences that aren't represented in the number though. One is that I've played the vast majority, if not all, of the 77 games from the top 500 boardgames list that I own. I've played maybe half of the 83 wargames in the top 500 list that I own. Also, many of those 83 games I have listed as "In Storage," meaning that they are games I bought when I was in my teens or twenties and which are stored back in my home in Arkansas.

Another difference between this and my previous post is that I added several games to my list of owned games while browsing the top 500 wargames, something that I didn't have to do with the other top 500 list. Some that I added were ones that I didn't realize had entries (like the starter sets for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K), and others were ones that I had forgotten I had in storage until I saw them on the list.

Again, I don't know what any of this says about me as a person or a gamer, but I found it to be an interesting excercise.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Game Collection

I just added Hannibal: Rome Vs. Carthage to my collection tonight and decided to see just how many of the top rated games on Board Game Geek I owned. Here's how it breaks down:

Top 10: I own 5 of 10
Top 20: I own 10 of 20
Top 30: I own 15 of 30 (I'm sensing a trend here)
Top 40: I own 18 of 40 (doh, there goes the trend)
Top 50: I own 20 of 50

Out of the games in the top 50 that I don't own there are only three on my wish list, although there are a couple of more that I might add if I looked at them more closely.

Top 60: I own 23 of 60
Top 70: I own 25 of 70
Top 80: I own 30 of 80
Top 90: I own 32 of 90
Top 100: I own 33 of 100

There are an additional three games in the top 100 that I don't own but are on my wish list.

Top 150: I own 44 of 150
Top 200: I own 48 of 200
Top 250: I own 55 of 250
Top 300: I own 61 of 300
Top 350: I own 67 of 350
Top 400: I own 69 of 400
Top 450: I own 74 of 450
Top 500: I own 77 of 500

I'm not sure what any of that says about me (other than that I have a lot of games and was bored tonight), but it was something I was curious about. If anyone actually reads this and are curious as to what games in the top 100 I actually own, they can check out my profile at BGG.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Games Played

I've added a new feature to the sidebar. It shows my most recently played boardgames and has a link to I've been spending way more time playing board games than either video games or miniatures games, so I thought it was time I added something to do with them. I was going to just add a link, but the guys at BGG have created some handy little pieces of code to display games from their database, so I decided to use one of those instead.

Warmachine Project

I've had the Khador starter box for literally years now. I assembled the miniatures a few months after getting it. About a year later I got around to priming the miniatures, and it was then over a year before I got around to painting them. Basically, I didn't know what I wanted to paint them. The basic scheme of red is attractive, but red is a pain in the butt to paint. Finally I had an inspiration in the form of my Soviet army for Flames of War. Khador is obviously influenced by Russian themes, so it was a bit of a natural leap to simply take the WWII color scheme for the Soviet army and apply it to my Khador forces.

I started with Sorscha using basic Russian infantry colors:
uniform: Model Color 880 Khaki Grey
cloak: Model Color 874 USA Tan-Earth
armor: Model Color 894 Russian Green
holster: Model Color 821 Germ. Cam. Beige WWII
insignia: Model Color 947 Red over a Model Color 951 White base
skin: Game Color 3 Pale Flesh
exposed metal: Game Color 54 Gunmetal Metal
hat and fur trim: Game Color 43 Beasty Brown
pistol butt: Model Color 875 Beige Brown (this appears identical to the above color)
hair and boots: black (left primer showing)

The Warjacks were even easier:
painted metal: Model Color 894 Russian Green
exposed metal: Game Color 54 Gunmetal Metal
insignia and eyes: Model Color 947 Red over a Model Color 951 White base
metal details: Model Color 801 Brass

That was it for the starter box, which is what is shown above. Since then I've started work on the rest of my 500 point force that includes the above miniatures, plus a Greylord Ternion unit, a unit of Doom Reavers, and a unit of Widowmakers (which replaced Alexia that I used in my first battle described in a prior post). The first two are done except for basing and clearcoating. The Widowmakers are only primed, but I should be able to get to them soon.

For the Greylord Ternion I used the above colors, plus the following:
axe handle: Model Color 875 Beige Brown
leather parts: Model Color 984 Flat Brown

The Doom Reavers use a similar scheme plus the following:
hair: Game Color 39 Plague Brown & Game Color 45 Charred Brown

I expect that the Widowmakers will use the same color schemes, but will update this later if they end up needing some other colors.

I'll also do a post with pictures of these units once they are finished, as well as an article on how I plan to expand them to a 750 point force.