Friday, April 10, 2009

Lord of the Rings Project: Day Twenty Six

Working with green stuff isn't exactly part of a routine designed to get an army put together in a hurry, but I just couldn't bring myself to leave a big crack running down the back of the horses for my Minas Tirith cavalry. Like the rest of the range, the plastic horses are simpler to assemble than their Warhammer counterparts. Rather than the four pieces for a Warhammer horse, these horses only have two pieces, with the complete head and tail attached to one half. This avoids having a join running down the center of the head, but still leaves one down the middle of the hindquarter, which is going to be a little too obvious without something to cover it up.

So, I broke out the green stuff, and worked it into the join. While I was at it, I did one of the three threes I've been assembling as well. I'll probably try to work on the other two over the next few days.

Back on the Uruk Hai and command teams, I managed to reach my goals by getting static grass on all the bases, and the edges of the bases painted. It's not as obvious in the picture as it is in person, but I used a different grass for the Uruk Hai. For the Warriors of Minas Tirith I used Citadel Grass, but I thought it was a bit too bright for the Uruk Hai, who are usually considered to be great despoilers of nature. Instead, I used Citadel Scorched Grass, and I'm really pleased with the results. It blends better with the more neutral colors of the miniatures, and helps set them apart from the forces of Good.

I'm hoping that the weather will be good enough for me to seal the models tomorrow, because if I don't get it done then it could be a few days before I get another chance according to the weather forcast.

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