Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wii Like Puns

... but this is really too much.

"Wii hates it, wii hates it, wii hates it for ever!"

"We are the systems that say "Wii!" Now I demand you bring me.....a mushroom!"

These are just two of the many comments made on Slashdot that the new announcement by Nintendo has generated.

The overwhelming reaction has been one of humorous disbelief that Nintendo could take the cool sounding Revolution and change the name into a euphemism for human liquid waste. I know it's just a name, but just that simple change has made me less interested in the release of Nintendo's new system (perhaps we should start calling it the "Game system formerly known as Revolution").

I'm not the only one either. Both in comments on Slashdot and in my first conversation with a friend about the change, the attitude is that interest in the system has waned from this simple act of marketing idiocy.

Of course, I'll still probably end up getting one, but my current reaction can best be summed up by this new ytmd creation.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Lied

I was going to repost the original postGeek mission outline here, but after reading it again I realized that I covered all the important parts in First Post! below. The parts I didn't cover don't really apply to this site, so there's no point in reposting them.

There are several things I want to put here, but many of them are less geeky things dealing with politics or journalism and I don't want to scare off what I hope will be my core audience first thing, so I'm waiting until I get a chance to post some game related stuff first.

I've also got to figure out how to post pictures so that I can share screenshots and other pictures.

Hopefully I'll get some of this done this week, probably starting with either some of my miniatures I'm painting for Flames of War, or with my impressions of Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Friday, April 21, 2006

First Post!

With the official postGeek site still on hiatus, I decided to go ahead and start up a blog so I could continue on with my rants as I felt the need. Later I will dig up the original postGeek mission statement and repost it here, along with any changes I feel should be made for the blog.

I will set out one thing right now. While this blog shares a name with postGeek, it is not meant to replace it, and it will not cover exactly the same things. For example, video gaming is going to play a lot smaller role here than it did on the old site. Some posts here are likely to be a bit more personal in nature and cover even more of my rather eclectic interests than I did in the old site.

I'm also planning on taking a more bloggish approach, posting comments of various lengths at various times rather than trying to post a regular article at set times every week. That kind of more formal approach will be reserved for the relaunch of the original site.

For those who happen to be stumbling on this for the first time, a quick synopsis: About a year ago two of us got together and decided to do a website aimed at gamers who have lives. Thirtysomethings with jobs and families who still like to game, but who can't spend a huge amount of time being a geek like a teenager or someone in their early twenties can. After a few months of regularly updating three times a week with articles and reviews, the host for our site crapped out on us. Since then, the fact that we are gamers with lives has prevented us from getting the site back up and running.

The name postGeek comes from the fact that according to a good portion of society we should be past the foolish geeky interests that amuse us. We should be in the post-geek phase of our lives. Of course, we aren't, but we are in a different stage then we were ten or fifteen years ago, so we adopt the name of postGeek to describe ourselves. That's the theory anyways.

As I already mentioned, the old site focused on video games, but I also have an interest in board games, miniature painting, anime, history, politics, religion, game design, journalism, foreign (to me) cultures, and many other areas more or less geeky. Some of them we touched on at the old site, and some we didn't.

In any case, I'm back, and I'm looking forward to getting things going again. Hopefully someone out there will appreciate at least some of what I post here.

Thanks for reading!