Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lord of the Rings Project: Day Eighteen

I finally have a new picture. Below, you can see my Uruk Hai test model. In addition to getting it done, I also got my Minas Tirith Captain blocked out, and got a start on the banner bearer. I also manged to get a matte coat on my finished Warriors of Minas Tirith, so they are completely done now (although I may still hit them with a second matte coat when it's not quite so humid).

I tried to keep things very simple with the Uruk Hai. There's only five colors and a wash on the test model. The result is less true to the movies than the "official" paint scheme, but I think it works well on its own, and is easy to paint. I could get a lot closer to the look of the movies if I was willing to do a bit of drybrushing, but I don't really like drybrushing, especially when I'm going for speed painting. I know it's supposed to be a method for speed painting, but it always seems to take me longer than anything else. Instead, I'm just using a wash.

Armor: Game Color 60 Tinny Tin
Weapon: Game Color 54 Gunmetal Metal
Leather: Game Color 43 Beasty Brown
Skin: Game Color 44 Dark Fleshtone
Hair: Game Color 45 Charred Brown
Wash: Citadel Wash Badab Black (with a bit of "magic wash")

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