Saturday, May 23, 2009

Panzer Tracks Updated

I've made a few posts on Panzer Tracks this month, including one today covering some of my research into a unit I'm considering building for Flames of War. Probably not too entertaining for most, but those of you interested in the nuts and bolts of WWII history and how it relates to gaming might find it interesting.


featurecreep said...

Your update on Panzer Tracks is a great example of several completely different things all at once.

1. You take great care to have a detailed knowledge of topics that interest you, which is to be greatly commended!

2. It is entirely unsurprising that you have at your fingertips the same reference manuals that the game developers have, and that you didn't actually need to consult anything to know that the game designers screwed up.

3. In the future, any games we manage to play will be restricted to non-historical bases, i.e. 40k. :)

4. You still both own and play too many different games. :)

featurecreep said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Also a great example of why not to keep 2 separate blogs. :P

Fulminata said...


1. Thanks!

2. As much as I rag on BF, I wouldn't have that library if it wasn't for the game. I've always had an interest in WWII, but it was always at the operational and strategic level. I didn't get into such lower level details until I started playing FoW.

3. I think you'll find that my historical knowledge gives me little to no advantage in the actual game, and that you'll probably find FoW at least as familiar as the current edition of 40K as they are both basically forks of the 40K you're most familiar with.

4. Very true. Although FoW is the one miniatures game for which I actually have a completely painted army for the standard point values at which the game is played, so unlike many of my other endeavors, it's unlikely I will ever completely abandon it for the latest new shiny thing that comes along.

5. Bah, that kind of specific detail is why I keep two separate blogs. It's still geeky, but in a different way from what postGeek is usually about.

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