Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Panzer Tracks Reborn

Back when I was going a different direction with postGeek, instead of just using it as my general gaming blog, I created Panzer Tracks. Panzer Tracks is a WWII blog that is largely centered around my Flames of War gaming, but also has several book reviews, and even a description of my visit to Corregidor. With the way I use postGeek now, it would make sense to integrate my future posts concerning Flames of War into postGeek, especially as I've already done three rants about Battlefront here, with a fourth one in the works that I may or may not eventually post.

The thing is, while it would make sense to use postGeek for my Flames of War posts, I like the idea of having a separate blog for all things WWII. When I get interested in Flames of War my interest tends to spill over into a study of the general history of the period, and those kinds of posts don't quite fit the postGeek format (whatever that is). So, with my interest in doing something with Flames of War on the rise, I've decided to dust off Panzer Tracks, update it to the latest Blogspot format, tweak the interface a bit, and start using it again.

For now, my plan is to post Flames of War gaming posts and WWII related posts over in Panzer Tracks, while simply posting links here when I think it's appropriate. I'll also try to keep the Battlefront rants here, but that may change.

So, if you're interested, head over to Panzer Tracks to check out my current brainstorming ideas for a couple of late war armies.

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