Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Warriors of Minas Tirith: Day Ten

The above is a photo of the miniatures after yesterday's efforts.

Today was another really good day. The block painting is finished. Legs, arms, hair, arrow fletchings, quiver details, and the trees on the shields all got finished today.

The arrow fletchings were the one thing I wasn't sure how to paint after doing the test model. I ended up using Game Color 49 Stonewall Grey. It's pretty much my go-to off-white color. It's a very light gray with good coverage that makes it a good base for pure white, or a decent white substitute as I'm using it here.

The shields are designed to pass the three foot rule. Looking at them from three feet away they should look fine. Making them look good close up would take far more work than I feel it's worth for rank and file troops. The problem is that the detail is incredibly fine. A very careful drybrushing might work better, but would still be a lot of work. Instead, I used a size 0 brush to trace it. The result is a bit messy up close, but looks OK from a distance.

Tomorrow my goal is to get all the models washed, and start the basing on my test model.

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