Sunday, March 29, 2009

Warriors of Minas Tirith: Day Fourteen

Three pics today as I was able to finish up the basing for the models, including one of the three company trays. To start with I finished washing all the sand, then was able to get static grass applied to all the bases. First a photo showing some of the bases washed without static grass applied, then one showing the static grass applied to all, including the company tray.

Careful application of the grass on the company tray really helps cover up any gaps left in the process of applying the sand.

Finally, a photo of the completed models with the base edges painted, including the swordsmen in the company tray. All that's left to do is hit them with some varnish for protection.

I am still undecided about one thing. Currently the holes in the company tray are still black as can be seen above. I considered painting them in the same color as the edges of the tray (which is Game Color 62 Earth), but it takes two to three coats to get good coverage, and that's a lot of space to be covered. I'm leaning towards leaving them black, despite the visual effect that will happen as models are removed in play, but am open to suggestions.

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