Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My New 40K Project (Maybe)

I've been wanting to finish up my Imperial Guard army, but have really been lacking in the motivation department. I really keep hoping that the rumored plastic Imperial Guard figures in great coats will materialize because I'm tired of messing with the Steel Legion metal miniatures. I've also come up with a new idea for both a list and paint scheme that wouldn't use any of my existing models. If I went back and worked on my old scheme I'd just be disappointed I wasn't using my new one. The end result is that I've decided to just keep the entire project on hold for now.

Instead I've started looking at armies that use fewer miniatures than Imperial Guard. Space Marines are an obvious choice, and I already have a ton of models, but I wouldn't want to start a new Space Marines army until the new codes is out. Instead I'm now looking at Eldar.

I've always liked the Eldar, but I've always hated the paint schemes, especially for the aspect warriors. You always see them painted exactly the same, just with different levels of skill. I've always wanted to do a list without a lot of aspect warriors, and instead filled with plain old Eldar guardians, but that's always seemed like a good way to build a crappy Eldar list in game terms. Now, with the 5th edition rules, an army with a lot of guardians doesn't look so bad.

Two things I found on the net have got me seriously looking at an Eldar army, the first was finding a list on dakka dakka for an eldar mechanized army that looked effective and was absolutely full of storm guardians. The second thing was finding a picture of an eldar vehicle painted up in Yme-Loc colors.

I like the paint scheme because it features a lot of fairly easy to paint gray with some really bright orange highlights. Too many of my painting projects feature dull colors because they're easy to paint. I want this one to have some bright colors, but I don't want to deal with the pain of painting the entire scheme in bright colors.

What clinches it is that what little fluff there is for the Yme-Loc says that they are a craftworld full of artisans that use a lot of vehicles in their army. A great match for the force that I'm planning!

I'm now working on a test model of a wave serpent to see if I really want to paint an army in these colors. If that goes well then the next step will be to buy the first 1000pt chunk of models and go from there.

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