Friday, August 29, 2008

Fire Dragons

I got impatient waiting for the rest of my first 1000 points of Eldar to arrive after finishing my first Wave Serpent, so I went out and bought a box of Fire Dragons to work on. While my final 2500 point list calls for three minimum size squads of Fire Dragons, my intermediate lists will probably feature larger squads to use up any extra points, so having a few extra at the beginning won't be a waste.

I've been struggling over how I was going to paint my Fire Dragons. I went with a list that used mostly Guardians for infantry because, as I've mentioned before, I don't like painting aspect warriors in their official colors. I prefer a more unified scheme featuring craftworld colors. For some reason I have had a mental block that has prevented me from seriously considering painting aspect warriors in non-traditional colors. Possibly because seeing aspect warriors painted differently is so incredibly rare.

Fortunately, while browsing the web for more ideas I stumbled across an Eldar project where the painter had decided to do his entire army in a unified color scheme, including his aspect warriors. Actually seeing someone else doing it managed to free me from the silly mental block that I had and I'm now in the process of painting a squad of Fire Dragons in the standard orange and gray colors of Yme-Loc. The only nod to the fact that they are aspect warriors is a few red details, including the facemask of the helmet, which will instead be a light gray on my guardians.

The result seems fairly easy to paint, and should let me paint up my Fire Dragons quickly.

Paint list for Fire Dragons:
Base coat/primer: Krylon Gray Primer
Touch up color for base coat / layer over wash: Model Color 869 Basalt Grey
Helmet, chest and sash base color: Citadel Foundation Mecharius Solar Orange
Facemask and ribbon base color: Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red
Gun /equipment: Model Color 995 German Grey
Gun barrel tip: Game Color 51 Chaos Black
Gun barrel tip drybrush: Game Color 60 Tinny Tin
Wash: Citadel Wash Bedab Black
Eye basecoat: Citadel Foundation Orkhide Shade
Eye highlight: Game Color 29 Sick Green
Gray highlight drybrush: Game Color 49 Stonewall Grey
Orange highlight drybrush: Game Color 6 Sunblast Yellow
Red overcoat: Game Color 10 Bloody Red

The procedure is basically to block out the orange, red and dark gray colors then cover everything in black wash. Then go back and paint the orange, red and light gray areas again, leaving the wash in the crevices and around details. After that comes the drybrushing of the gray and orange areas and application of a brighter red coat over the red areas. Then the final details, the eyes and the tip of the gun barrels.

I haven't yet decided how I'm going to do the bases.

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