Monday, May 01, 2006

But can they really capture the "essence" of the game?

Another story stolen from Slashdot. It seems that director Corey Yuen is making a DOA movie due out in August. The trailer looks campy, but the fight clips don't look too bad. Not as much "bounce" as in the games, but still some emphasis on that area...

You can see for yourself by checking the trailer out here. It looks like B movie material with decent fight scenes, and honestly, that puts it a step above any other game related movie I can think of.

Since I'm talking about the movie, I should mention that I'm playing the game right now (DOA4 on the 360). So far it's been a fun but tough game. It seems a lot tougher than its predecessors. For example, in survival mode I generally can go 10 to 20 rounds before getting taken out in the earlier versions. So far I don't think I've made it past four rounds in DOA4.

It's a very pretty game to look at, not even counting the main selling points of the game. Although those selling points do result in a few character designs that you probably shouldn't use when the kids or significant other are around. That's also what gives it the M for Mature rating, not the violence, which is fairly tame for a fighter, with no blood or anything.

Well, that and the cutscenes. Some of which feature nudity concealed only by strategically placed lens flare or some other graphical effect. One which features an interrogation, and one which features a character getting "high" on what appears to be sake. There may be some other potentially "mature" cutscenes that I haven't run across yet, since I'm only a little over halfway done with the story modes.

I may try to do a more in depth review of the game later. For now I give it a tentative thumbs up if you have a 360, but it's not a good enough game to get a 360 just to play it.

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