Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wii Like Puns

... but this is really too much.

"Wii hates it, wii hates it, wii hates it for ever!"

"We are the systems that say "Wii!" Now I demand you bring me.....a mushroom!"

These are just two of the many comments made on Slashdot that the new announcement by Nintendo has generated.

The overwhelming reaction has been one of humorous disbelief that Nintendo could take the cool sounding Revolution and change the name into a euphemism for human liquid waste. I know it's just a name, but just that simple change has made me less interested in the release of Nintendo's new system (perhaps we should start calling it the "Game system formerly known as Revolution").

I'm not the only one either. Both in comments on Slashdot and in my first conversation with a friend about the change, the attitude is that interest in the system has waned from this simple act of marketing idiocy.

Of course, I'll still probably end up getting one, but my current reaction can best be summed up by this new ytmd creation.

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