Thursday, May 04, 2006

Star Wars originals on dvd: too little too late?

Finally, "in response to overwhelming demand", Lucas has decided to release the original trilogy in its original form on dvd. I suppose it's just coincidence that the updated trilogy on dvd has been out long enough now for the vast majority of those who are going to buy it to have gotten it. Now they hope those who would have waited for this release, but thought it was never going to come, will go ahead and buy the trilogy again one more time. Conveniently enough, it will be time for the whole cycle to start over again in about a year when they probably start releasing HD-DVD versions of all the movies.

They may be right, but the laser disc version of the original trilogy has been available in dvd form for years now on ebay. A lot of fans, after being told they were never going to see the original trilogy on dvd, went ahead and acquired it this way.

Fans won't have long to decide whether or not to get the official versions, since they are saying that they will only be available from September through December.

Quite frankly, I'm more excited about the Lego game covering the original trilogy. I reviewed the original game game that covered the prequel and found it to be one of those rare games that should be fun for both kids and adults. Later I'll see if I can dig up that review and repost it here.

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