Saturday, May 13, 2006

My first full game of Flames of War

I just posted a lengthy writeup of my first full game of Flames of War over on Waryammer. I've played a few skirmishes, but this was my first full 1500 point battle using an official scenario. The short version is that I won a 6-1 victory (that's the best you can do). I won't repost my whole writeup here as it's rather long, but you should humor me and check it out.

I'm hoping to get a couple pics later, but I forgot my camera, so I'm relying on others that were present. The image at left is the only one I have from the game so far, sorry it's so small. The playing area was the entire table, not just the section that's green. Most of the action tended to take place on the green section though. I'm the one holding the book on the far side. That green line on the board in front of me is most of my army. You can just make out the tan blobs that were my opponents 1st platoon and command section. At the point the picture was taken all but the company commander had been wiped out, the rest were just there to represent wrecks.

Don't expect me to put this much effort into documenting my first loss ;-)

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