Sunday, July 12, 2009

Easiest Terrain Ever

I've been working on my Arcane Ruins from GW, and I have to say that it has to be the easiest terrain project I've done yet, short of just laying a felt mat onto the tabletop. Primed with Krylon Gray primer, drybrushed with white craft paint, use a matte sealer, and done. I could have used green stuff to try to cover up the joins from the assembly, but that would have multiplied the total amount of time it took to do this project several times over.

I really like the results, although the GW fetish for skulls makes it less useful with non-GW games, or even with Lord of the Rings, which is what I originally got the kit for. I didn't put any of the extra skulls on, but there are more than enough molded right in to make it an obvious GW product. Still, it's a minor point for an otherwise good kit that can be assembled in multiple ways.


featurecreep said...

Good stuff! I'm a big fan of craters. Be sure to save a couple on the side, and drop them on the board where a vehicle spectacularly 'sploded. :)

It's good terrain that gets me in the mood to play Warhammer!

Fulminata said...

Yep, and in the current edition it's a rule that if the vehicle is completely blown up that it's to be replaced with a piece of difficult terrain, so you can move troops into that crater for cover.

It's also a rule that if it isn't completely blown up you now have to leave the model on the table since its wreck now becomes a piece of terrain. It used to be an option, but now it's a rule.

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