Wednesday, July 22, 2009

40K Stuff

I had posted on Facebook that I got my order of rare earth magnets in and was planning on magnetizing my Valkyrie model this past weekend. That didn't happen as I was still on a roll with terrain painting, so instead I got most of the job done on a set of GW woods (I'll write up how I painted them once I get some pictures).

It will probably be another few days yet until I get to the Valkyrie. Today I started back on a couple of Eldar models I'm hoping to have ready by Sunday. Why Sunday? It looks like Sunday is going to be 40K day at Castle House, and this Sunday we're starting our 'non-league escalation league.' Since most of the players are either new, or new to 5th Edition, most of us think it would be a good idea to start small with some 500 point forces to get things going, like in an escalation league, but without the actual league part.

I've already played a 500 point game with my IG, so I figure I'll switch to Eldar for this coming game. The main thing I need to do is put together another flying stand as I intend to use two Wave Serpents in my force, but I'd also like to get my Autarch painted in case I choose to use him as my HQ. That's what I worked on today, getting the base colors and wash done. Tomorrow I hope to finish it up and then hopefully do the basing on Friday.

I'm also expecting my Pig Iron heads to get here tomorrow, so I may end up getting distracted by IG, but I'll probably be able to stick with the Eldar for now.

My one concern about the 500 point 40K games is that they're talking about keeping it at that level for a couple of months, and I really need to boost it to 750 or 1000 to get a feel for what units I need to add to my Imperial Guard army. I just don't have very many options at 500, and feel like I'll be getting bored at that level, and not really learning a lot about my army. If they really want to keep it at 500 then I may have to put together a Space Marine list at that level in order to keep things interesting for me.


BlackDiamond said...

What are you running at 500 points? I'm thinking of joining our Wednesday night league here and they tend to play 500 or 1000.

Fulminata said...

My IG list is three penal legion squads, an armored sentinel with a lascannon, and Yarrick. From my perspective it has a few things going for it:

1) I already have everything assembled, and with the exception of Yarrick and a couple of sergeants it's all painted too. For me this is probably the biggest factor, but it's not the only one.

2) The random element of penal legion squads adds a little bit of fun, especially if you are playing more than one game with them.

3) It's an assault oriented IG army, which is something I'd probably never run except at 500 points.

If I didn't already have the armored sentinel, I might change one of the penal legion squads to a veteran squad tooled up for vehicle hunting and put them in a Chimera. I haven't actually tried to build that list though, so I don't know how the points would work out.

In the end, I simply looked at the models I had ready to go and tried to figure out what I could do with them at 500 points, without considering what I have planned for them at higher points.

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