Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Game Collection

I just added Hannibal: Rome Vs. Carthage to my collection tonight and decided to see just how many of the top rated games on Board Game Geek I owned. Here's how it breaks down:

Top 10: I own 5 of 10
Top 20: I own 10 of 20
Top 30: I own 15 of 30 (I'm sensing a trend here)
Top 40: I own 18 of 40 (doh, there goes the trend)
Top 50: I own 20 of 50

Out of the games in the top 50 that I don't own there are only three on my wish list, although there are a couple of more that I might add if I looked at them more closely.

Top 60: I own 23 of 60
Top 70: I own 25 of 70
Top 80: I own 30 of 80
Top 90: I own 32 of 90
Top 100: I own 33 of 100

There are an additional three games in the top 100 that I don't own but are on my wish list.

Top 150: I own 44 of 150
Top 200: I own 48 of 200
Top 250: I own 55 of 250
Top 300: I own 61 of 300
Top 350: I own 67 of 350
Top 400: I own 69 of 400
Top 450: I own 74 of 450
Top 500: I own 77 of 500

I'm not sure what any of that says about me (other than that I have a lot of games and was bored tonight), but it was something I was curious about. If anyone actually reads this and are curious as to what games in the top 100 I actually own, they can check out my profile at BGG.

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