Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Game Collection Part Two

Browsing through BGG today I noticed an interesting coincidence: Hannibal is both 18 on the "User Rank" (which I was comparing my collection to in the last post), and the "Wargame Rank." Now, my boardgaming started in wargaming (not counting childhood forays into monopoly and other such family and children games), so I was interested in how my wargames collection stands up to the BGG top 500 list. While there is some overlap between the games that appear on both lists, there isn't as much as I expected, at most 10% appear on both.

Top 10: I own 3 of 10
Top 20: I own 6 of 20
Top 30: I own 11 of 30
Top 40: I own 13 of 40
Top 50: I own 17 of 50

So, I own almost as many of the top 50 wargames as I do of the top 50 boardgames. There are also a similar number on my wish list that I don't yet have (currently four).

Top 60: I own 19 of 60
Top 70: I own 22 of 70
Top 80: I own 26 of 80
Top 90: I own 28 of 90
Top 100: I own 29 of 100

Again, there's four on the list that are on my wish list, as well as another couple I have listed as "thinking about it."

Top 150: I own 38 of 150
Top 200: I own 45 of 200
Top 250: I own 53 of 250
Top 300: I own 60 of 300
Top 350: I own 62 of 350
Top 400: I own 69 of 400
Top 450: I own 75 of 450
Top 500: I own 83 of 500

The numbers aren't that different overall, although I end up owning more of the top 500 wargames than the top 500 boardgames, despite owning fewer of the top 100 wargames.

There are some significant differences that aren't represented in the number though. One is that I've played the vast majority, if not all, of the 77 games from the top 500 boardgames list that I own. I've played maybe half of the 83 wargames in the top 500 list that I own. Also, many of those 83 games I have listed as "In Storage," meaning that they are games I bought when I was in my teens or twenties and which are stored back in my home in Arkansas.

Another difference between this and my previous post is that I added several games to my list of owned games while browsing the top 500 wargames, something that I didn't have to do with the other top 500 list. Some that I added were ones that I didn't realize had entries (like the starter sets for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K), and others were ones that I had forgotten I had in storage until I saw them on the list.

Again, I don't know what any of this says about me as a person or a gamer, but I found it to be an interesting excercise.

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