Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dogs in Shepherd's Rest

We had our first session of Dogs in the Vineyard on Monday. I can't go into too much detail, because the story of Shepherd's Rest hasn't yet finished, but I can at least describe the cast of characters so far.

To start with we have the dogs. Melissa "Missy" Whitehoof (Liz) is a half-breed with a mountain-folk father who comes from a troubled family. David Snow (Jonathan) is a pious student of the Faith. Kimble Smith (Seth) is a not-so-pious young man with a temper. They're all newly initiated members of God's Watchdogs out to do good, and their first stop after leaving the temple is Shepherd's Rest.

Shepherd's Rest is a small community overseen by Steward Matthew, a middle aged man that the dogs have not had a great deal of interaction with yet, although he was the first man they talked with upon arriving at the town.

Next they met Widow Joanna, the woman who is providing them with room and board while they stay in Shepherd's Rest. She is frustrated by the lack of attention that the available men of the town are paying to her.

Brother Silas is one of those available men, an older gentleman recently granted permission to take a third wife by the Elders of the Church.

Brother Caleb is the other available man, a young man looking to find his first wife.

Sister Sarah is the young woman that both men have set their sights upon, but who desires neither of them.

Sister Mary and Sister Rebecca are Brother Silas' first and second wives respectively.

Finally, Brother Giles is Sister Sarah's father, who wants to see her married to the relatively well-to-do Brother Silas.

Oh, and there's something about some bandits who have robbed a supply wagon, killed the driver, and stole some sheep.

So far the dogs have dealt with relatively mundane matters, but we still had a good time exploring the mechanics of the game and getting to know Shepherd's Rest. I'm looking forward to seeing how the dogs decide to resolve the problems of Shepherd's Rest in our next session!


Liz said...

Actually, Missy's deceased father was mountain folk, not her mother. Makes things more interesting in regards to her step father. :)

Jabbott said...

You got me and Seth's character's names switch. I'm David Snow and he is Kimble Smith.

Also, the matters we have addressed so far may seem mundane; but they have been very important. We have discovered the telltale signs of the sin that is plaguing this poor town. That is the most important enemy to fight. If we deal with the bandits without dealing with that then we are only trimming the limbs; not attacking the roots. Removing the bandits removes but one tool with which the demonic forces can attack this town and its righteous inhabitants. We must purge these forces in order to restore true peace and righteousness to this town.

Fulminata said...

That's what I get for going by memory instead of checking my notes :-P

Darc_Oso said...

And David's far too suspicious of even the slightest turn of phrase. Kimball Smith just thinks politics plays too much into scripture interpretation. Until he sees a demon outright, Kimball assumes its more human error than external supernatural forces, and just like those flaws get them into trouble and make them stray from the path, it is also inherent within them to be strong and fix their own mistakes.

I think David and Kimball are going to be great friends. :)

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