Thursday, February 04, 2010

Board Game Night Update

Board Game Night 2/3/10
Our weekly board game night at Castle House Games is still going. The regular group is just three of us, but I've been assured that part of that has just been that people have been busy with the holidays and other things. I also suspect that my often waiting to the last minute to post what the featured game is has had some negative effect on attendance, so I've been trying to post that information earlier in the week, and we have indeed had at least one extra player the last couple of weeks, possibly as a result.

We have been getting a good variety of games in, as you can probably tell if you've been checking the sidebar showing my "Recently Played Tabletop Games" as nearly all of the games that have shown up there, other than RPGs and miniatures games, have been played at board game night. I've been trying to encourage the other attendees to suggest games to play, but as the person with the largest collection of games, they seem to trust me to make that call most of the time.

For a while we were trying to stick to the idea of playing games at least twice in a row. I borrowed this idea from my friend Joe at Black Diamond Games. That was the method used when I played there, but the feedback I've gotten from the players here is that they'd rather not play the same game twice two weeks running. Instead I'm going to try to intersperse games that are new to the group with games that we've played before so that we still get at least two games in of each game played, just not always in a row.

For example, last week we played Dominion, a game that was one of the very first games played at board game night, and long overdue for a return. This week we played two games new to board game night: Conquest of Paradise as the featured game, as well as Sorry! Sliders as a filler game. Next week we'll likely play Finca, a game that we first played two weeks ago. We won't always alternate between new releases and old favorites, but something close to that will probably become the norm, rather than the two weeks in a row of the same game that I had originally planned.

By the way, I enjoyed both Conquest of Paradise and Sorry! Sliders, although the latter was probably the bigger overall hit. It's a surprisingly fun dexterity game, especially given that it's a mass market game. Not as good as Pitch Car, but not nearly as expensive either.

Board Game Night 2/3/10

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