Saturday, June 20, 2009

Small World

Last month I mentioned the board game Small World, and how I liked the game but probably wasn't going to buy it because there was an open copy at the FLGS and I was unlikely to play it anywhere else. Since then I bought a copy at the FLGS.

I bought it from the FLGS because I was able to play it there, but my decision to buy it wasn't based on that play. My decision to buy it was made due to the podcast the D6 Generation. They've been raving about the game and how it was the first game in some time that all three hosts owned. More importantly, the wives at the D6 Generation were enthusiastic about it to the point that I thought I just might be able to get my wife to try it, despite not really getting that impression from my one play at the FLGS.

Fortunately, I took the risk, because I was able to get my wife to play it. The first board game she's played in several months. We've only played one game so far, but she's indicated that she's willing to play again some time when she's in the mood, which is about as much as I can hope for when getting her to game.

I mention this both to mark the relatively rare event of getting my wife to game, and in the interest of full disclosure given my earlier rant about how I wasn't going to buy the game. I still think that the point of that rant stands as this purchase was made in spite of, rather than because of, the FLGS having an open copy to play at the store.

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