Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On the Nightstand

Ok, I don't actually have a nightstand, and I don't read in bed either, but these are the books that would currently be there if I did:

Lost Battles by Philip Sabin. Part game, part history, and part game design theory. This book is a professor's attempt to use conflict simulation (ie. wargames) to help better understand some ancient battles. I'm almost finished with this one, and I plan on doing a full post once I am.

Guadalcanal by Richard B. Frank. An almost 800 page book on the WWII battle for Guadalcanal. I read this once before, but that was around a decade ago. I've done a lot of reading on WWII since then, so I'm hoping to get a bit more out of it the second time around. So far it's been a very interesting read, but it's on hold at least until I finish Lost Battles.

The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman. Another book I've read before, but it was even longer ago than Guadalcanal. Making some attempts to solo play Paths of Glory got me to pick this one up for a re-read. Moving on to some other games led me to put it right back down again, but I plan on getting back to both it and Paths of Glory before too long. What I'd really like is to find a good general military history of all of WWI. The Guns of August only covers the opening moves.

In addition to those three, I've also recently finished Grudgelore by Nick Kyme, one of Games Workshop's Black Library books. This was a fun read, but didn't quite inspire me to continue painting my dwarf army. Still, it's better than most of the other BL books I've looked at.

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