Thursday, March 06, 2008

The New Header

The image in the header is part of an image from the Vassal module for Tunisia. I wanted a gaming image in the header, and nothing quite says old school wargaming like a map with a hex grid. The original image was uploaded to BoardGameGeek by Paolo D'Ulisse, and is presumably copyright the Gamers and/or Multiman Publishing, the original and current publishers of the game. I ran it through GIMP to make it work as my header.

The game itself is one of my favorite wargames from the nineties, back when I had the ability to leave games set up for weeks on end while I played them solo. It's part of the OCS series by the Gamers. An excellent series for gaming operational level combat in the mid-twentieth century... if you have the time and space to set them up and play them.

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