Thursday, June 03, 2010


We had our first Board Game Night where we had too many players for the featured game! I've been saying that this has been coming for a while now. I think it was Liz who even suggested that I was jinxing it by predicting it, but thanks to Seth bringing his wife and a couple of friends we finally did it!

This meant that we got to break out a second game to be played simultaneously with the featured game. While I explained the rules to Ideology to the main group, Jonathan set up and figured out the rules to Horus Heresy.

Liz ended up winning the Ideology game, while I proceeded to lose a game of Horus Heresy.

While I don't think this will be an every week occurrence yet, I certainly hope this isn't the last time that we have this many people! For those keeping score, eight people showed up, although once chose not to play.

Incidentally, I don't know if I'll do a full review, but I wasn't impressed by Horus Heresy. It wasn't because I lost, but how I lost. I think the odds were that Jonathan was going to win anyway, but instead of a hard fought game coming down to the wire, I saw all my hard work undone by a single random event card draw. Just about the worst way to lose a game in my opinion, and something I consider to be a serious flaw in the game. I may give it another try eventually, but where I'd been looking forward to giving it a try, now I'll probably have to be talked into it before giving it another go.


Jabbott said...

Ya, I'm sad you didn't have fun cause I really want to try it again. I bet actually knowing about the orbital defense lasers would make a decent difference. Also, I found out that the person DOING the damage is supposed to assign it; so we were doing that wrong.

I found it funny that the D6 guys said that after the first stumbling around game or two the Chaos player has not been the winner in any of their subsequent playthroughs of the first scenario. Since the Chaos player seemed to have a big advantage in the game we played I think we were really doing stuff wrong.

Fulminata said...

I'll probably be able to be talked into another game eventually, although I'd probably rather get in a game of Campaign Manager 2008 or some other 2 player game first.

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