Thursday, May 06, 2010

World of Dorkness II

As I suspected, the second session of Liz' World of Darkness campaign was more enjoyable for me than the first one was. I ended up choosing a Fairest Draconic as my Changeling template. This is a template that basically means my character is related to dragons in some way, increasing both my social and combat abilities.

I chose this in order to shore up my weaknesses instead of playing to my strengths. My strengths would have dictated that I go with something that would have increased my academic skills, but that seemed likely to be boring in play, so instead I decided to go with a template that would increase the areas that were weak on my original character. It worked out well.

The situation presented by the scenario consisted of two of us being sent out with a number of NPCs to hunt two of the other PCs for the amusement of the "big bad". The fifth PC was the, *ahem* "prize" for the most successful hunter.

The course of the story was fairly simple but in the process of working through it our characters all began to recall their past existence in the "real" world, and as a result all of them ended up becoming the hunted, not just the original two. This led to a final confrontation with the "big bad" that resulted in our victory and allowed us to escape back to the "real" world.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the simplicity, it was quite enjoyable. Lots of good table banter in addition to good roleplaying.

I've always wondered if I'd actually enjoy playing in the type of game I like to run, and since Liz' style of GMing is very close to my own, this gave me a good opportunity to find out. I liked it!

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