Monday, April 05, 2010

Dresden Files

The Dresden Files RPG is up for pre-order. I'm more of a Fate fanboi than a Dresden fanboi, but I still placed my order. A bit pricey for the complete set (two volumes at a total of $89.98), but you can buy them individually if you want. They're essentially divided into a player's book (Your Story) and a GM's guide (Our World), with the first containing the rules and the second background and monster stats.

The pre-order comes with pdfs for immediate download. I've been skimming over them, and they're very pretty. The game is written with the conceit that it's actually being written by the young werewolves from the books and are filled with sticky notes and hi-lights from Dresden, Bob, and Billy. If you've read the series then it might help to realize that the game is Billy's modern day attempt at re-creating Stoker's Dracula: an expose of the weaknesses of various supernatural creatures masquerading as fiction.

This will definitely be making an appearance at Magpie Gaming Night in the future (assuming that I don't totally botch Diaspora to the point that no one wants to try Fate again...)

Caveat: this blurb is based totally on Evil Hat's pre-order page and my having skimmed maybe two dozen pages of the pdfs. I hate reading pdfs, so a more extensive review will probably have to wait for the arrival of the print versions some time in late June or early July.

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