Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photobucket Fail

When I started this blog I used Photobucket to host many of my photos (including my icon). I switched over to Flickr back in the middle of 2008 and after all this time Photobucket finally decided to enforce the "90 day inactivity" rule and disabled my account for inactivity. This broke my icon and a lot of photo links in my older entries.

I don't have any desire to log into Photobucket periodically just to keep my account active, nor do I have the desire to pay for a site that I rarely use (the other option Photobucket has), so I've instead gone through and either replaced or deleted all the old photos I could find. If you happen to run across any still broken links (other than my icon, which seems to be taking a while to update), please post a comment on the post with the broken link so I can fix it.


Jabbott said...

Hey Jon, I totally got some Arcane Legions stuff for Christmas and I'm working on getting it assembled. Went and picked up the cav. pack and a booster today. So I'll definitely be up at Castlehouse tomorrow with those; and with my new 40k stuff. If you're able to make it that'll be great.

Anonymous said...
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