Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Roman Test Model Take Two

I'm working on a further eight models now that I finished my initial test model, but I've made a couple of changes. The first was to change the helmet color to reflect further reading that shows that the standard legionnaire did not start wearing iron helmets until the Imperial era, so the color needs to reflect the bronze helmets that they did wear.

The second change was to change the wash from Gryphonne Sepia to Devlan Mud. The latter wash is darker and I was afraid it might be too dark at first, but it does a much better job of bringing out the details of the miniature, to the point that I may not need to do extra work on the faces after using it.

I'm still experimenting with how best to do the shields. A full wash leads to problems on the flat surfaces requiring touchups with red to finish the model. I'm going to try just applying the wash around the center details and see if that works.

I haven't been taking pictures, but I'll try to get some eventually.


rayipsa said...

How are the Romans coming along. I started on mine while I also work on assembly of the Germans. I need to order some bases. I have seen a neat tray setup with round bases that fit into the holes in the tray. No idea where they came from. Is that what you are using?

Fulminata said...

I'm making slow progress. the found base tray is neat, but wouldn't really work for Fields of Glory. I'm using wood bases from Litko, they have a set of bases specifically for FoG. I think if you do a search for Fields of Glory on their site you'll find them. I may try to mount a rank soon, or I may wait until I have four so I can make sure they rank up properly.

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