Saturday, September 12, 2009

Internet Fame and Other Stuff

As I write this a google search for "Hydra Flak Tank" returns my blog in the top five hits, and a search for "Hydra Flak Tank conversion" returns it as the second hit right behind Dakka Dakka. Naturally, this has resulted in an influx of visitors to the blog, which, of course, has just happened to coincide with a more sporadic posting schedule than usual.

It's not that I haven't had things to blog about, it's just that I've been doing most of my posting on various internet forums instead of on my actual blog. I thought I'd just do a few quick updates.

Assault on Hive Evelyn: This is on hold for a bit due to the map not being ready. Robert at the store is supposed to be working on it, but he's had other projects that have taken priority. I should probably step up and take over, but I've kind of lost motivation for 40K. I think it's just temporary, but at the moment I'm just not that interested in doing anything with it. I think a game or two of something else, like Flames of War, would probably give me enough of a break to get back to it, but while there's still some interest in FoW, it looks like it will still be months before anyone other than me is ready to play.

Terrain Projects: Since these are all 40K related, they fall into that category of my having no interest.

Painting: I have been painting some, just not 40K. I picked up five Heavy Gear models that the store was clearing out (they've been there ages) and painted them up. Unfortunately, I messed up the clear coat on at least one of them and am having to do some touch-up work on it. I was originally going to use these models to test winter whitewash camo, but instead ended up trying out the Tamiya weathering powders I got a while ago. I'll try to write up how that went some time.

Board Games: This is my main gaming interest right now. I'm always really looking forward to Wednesday night to play board games. We played Agricola for the first time this week and it was quite fun. I even bought a little iPhone app called Agriscora so I wouldn't have to mess with the little scoring pad the game comes with.


BlackDiamond said...

Let me know how the weathering powders work. It might keep my from buying the Forge World versions. I've been using a "natural" powder, but it dissolves when varnished, so I need something else.

Fulminata said...

This stuff also dissolves when varnished, and I suspect that the Forge World stuff will too. That just seems to be the nature of the stuff.

I note that the instructions for the Forge World stuff say to use a light coat of matte finish, so it might work to seal the model, apply the powder, and then add another very light coat of finish, but I haven't tried that yet.

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