Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eldar Storm Guardians part deux

This picture isn't quite so dark as the other one. This pic is a better representation of what the minis look like in person.


BlackDiamond said...

I like these better. I also like your basing work. I've never been able to get the grassy clump effect.

Fulminata said...

They're some of the same models, just with better lighting due to a better angle.

The grass is pretty easy:

1. Dab a few spots of Elmer's glue onto the base.
2. Use an old brush to spread the glue out over a wider area where you want the grass.
3. Dip the base into a pot of static grass and knock off the majority of the extra grass by tapping gently with your finger.
4. Blow gently on the base to remove the remaining extra grass and to get the grass to stand up.

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