Saturday, January 17, 2009

Flames of War Fail

I'm thinking about trying to get in some Flames of War soon, if only in the form of a demo game for my local store. So, I've started re-reading the rules. A few pages in I decided I better check on the latest errata. Yes, I'd managed to forget Battlefront's strange attitude towards errata.

If at all possible they want to avoid ever admitting that they make mistakes. They waited until the second printing of the core rulebook to do it for the actual rules, and even then they never issued a pdf, instead having it only as an html post on their website. As far as I know, they still have never issued official errata for the mid-war compilations, or at least I couldn't find any. They have issued pdf errata for their two late war compilations, but you'd never know it by browsing their website. I ended up having to use google to find them!

It's really depressing to see that Battlefront still has this weird attitude towards errata. I had hoped that they had maybe grown into a healthier attitude over the year and a half that I've been away from the game. I suppose the fact that they at least issued errata pdfs for Festung Europa and Fortress Europe can be seen as baby steps towards a more adult attitude to owning up to mistakes, but I'd really hoped they'd come along farther than they have.

A nice contrast is Spartan Games and the way they've been handling Uncharted Seas. Unafraid to issue errata months after releasing the rules, and easily accessible in their official forums. Maybe I'll see if I can interest the store owner in a demo of Uncharted Seas instead of Flames of War...

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