Tuesday, December 09, 2008

To the 3.5 Diehards

If I play D&D it's going to be 4th Edition, but if you still prefer 3.5 then you should check out Monte Cook's Collected Book of Experimental Might. Previously available as a pair of PDFs, this is a collection of house rules by Monte Cook that could arguably have become 4.0 in an alternate universe.

I have the first of the PDFs which I bought as a hard copy from a print on demand service. It does a complete overhaul of the magic system while still retaining the Vancian core. As I understand it, the second PDF did something similar for the non-magic classes by revamping the feat system. If it was half as well thought out as the magic then the combined book should be extremely useful for anyone who didn't get what they were looking for from 4th Edition D&D. At $29.99 it's not a bad deal either. I paid that for just the first half of it! If I thought that there was any chance I'd ever want to run a 3.5 game I'd buy it.


BlackDiamond said...

The print book will be available soon.

As a test at the store, I bought a LULU copy of the first BOEM and set it out on the shelf, priced at cost, to see what would happen. Lots of hype for this, right? After two weeks of me pimping it, someone finally bought it. Most who bellyache about D&D 4 generally aren't looking for ANY change.

Fulminata said...

Which is kind of funny, since 3rd edition was constantly changing throughout its history.

The CBEM is for those who wanted more of an upgrade to 3rd and not a completely new game like 4th turned out to be. You're probably right that the subset of gamers that feel that way is relatively small at this point, partly because 4th turned out to be such a good game.

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