Sunday, November 02, 2008

More Podcast Follow Up

I've added This Week In Wargaming to my list of subscribed shows. Don't listen to this podcast if you like miniatures wargaming and value your wallet as it tends to review a lot of cool new stuff which you'll then want to buy.

My reservations about Podhammer appear to have been misplaced. I still think the anniversary episode was crap, but everything I've listened to since then has been pretty good. I went ahead and joined the Inner Circle as part of the package deal with the 40K Radio Freebootaz. I think that for $20 for both of them it was a little pricey but still worth it, but it's not quite worth $15 for each yet unless you just want to support them because you like them. As they continue to add content to the members only section the value will increase.

I caught up with the Order 66 podcast, and I stand by my earlier rave review. Even though I still don't play the Star Wars RPG, it remains my favorite podcast.

The Instance has fallen off my list simply because I'm not playing WoW at the moment. I'll probably return to it when I return to WoW.

40K Warcasting hasn't updated since I subscribed to it, but that's the nature of podcasting. These hobby casts are the result of just one or two people's efforts, and can easily be derailed or delayed for a variety of reasons. I hope that the guy behind it can eventually find the time to return to it.

I've been trying out some new casts since I'm starting to run out of things to listen to now that I'm caught up with the Order 66. I'll probably talk more about some of those in the future after I have listened to a few episodes.

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