Wednesday, May 21, 2008

...they pull me back in!

Ack, I'm back playing World of Warcraft!

It seems that one of my good friends from back in College, who I've only kept up with sporadically since then, has discovered this great game that he thinks we'd all be interested in! After much laughing and chuckling from those of us who picked up their copy on day one, we decided to get the old college gang together on one server for a bit of a gaming reunion. Turns out that all but a couple of us are WoW veterans, even those I haven't spoken to in years and would have never expected to be into the game.

The result is a reactivated account for me, as well as a chance to get reacquainted with people I haven't spoken to in years. Who says computer games aren't social?

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Anonymous said...

2 months WOw-free as of today.

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