Thursday, June 15, 2006

After The Storm: a WHFRP Campaign

I just added a new link to over on the sidebar. This is the blog my gamemaster just set up for our ongoing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign. Most of the group fits pretty firmly into the postGeek mold. Thirtysomethings with jobs and familys. We have a police officer, insurance salesman, soldier and car salesman among others.

As the title indicates, the campaign takes place in and around Middenheim following the Storm of Chaos Warhammer Fantasy Battles campaign run by Games Workshop back in the summer of 2004. We began by playing the adventures being published for the new edition of WHFRP, but soon diverged from them to play in original adventures designed by our GM.

The blog itself is a collection of character bios and write-ups of our past adventures in the form of character diaries or narratives. There's also an article on the house rules we use, and several pictures throughout featuring the elaborate setups the GM uses for our combats. (Including the one above showing our Slayer attempting to achieve his glorious death by single-handedly holding off a band of beastmen led by a minotour while the rest of us wisely take up defensive positions in the building behind).

Give it a look if you are interested in RPG campaign logs or the Warhammer Fantasy world.

By the way, those are my chaos hounds being bowled over by the slayer in the picture. The rest of the miniatures are either by our GM or were bought by him already painted.

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